Earlier this summer Hirobo introduced  a machine to cover the 30/46/50 market with its design being based on  features found in the FREYA, Eagle, and GPH with the simplicity of  the entry level Shuttle 30.

  The 30 Size can be upgraded to a 50 with minor changes enabling a entry level pilot to add a larger engine for added performance without having to buy another machine.

 Parts are inexpensive, and many are interchangeable between the Eagle, Freya, and GPH.



  • Engine size: 32 to 50
  • Main rotor DIA: 1,248~1,348mm
  • Tail rotor DIA: 244mm
  • Gear ratio: 30 class 9.66:1:4.65  50 class 8.7:1:4.65
  • Length: 1,190mm


FZ-III Rotor Head System
  • 6mm solid axle with internal threads for securing the blade grips.
  • Floating axle design with wide dampners for extra support of the Feathering spindle.
  • Thrust bearings are standard for smooth collective changes through the entire pitch range especially under the demanding loads of radical 3D flight.
  • New heavier duty blade grips with a 4mm blade bolt are standard for the ultimate in reliability. Accepts 12mm root Main blades with 4mm bolt hole.
  • Head button for "palming" the rotor head is standard.
  • The FZ-III Seesaw features adjustable Bell/Hiller ratios for all flight styles similar to ratios successfully used on the Freya.
  • Stabilizer Blades feature adjustable weights and are secured to the flybar with dual set screws. Same paddles included on the GPH346 and Shuttle RG.
  • New stabilizer control arm strengthened for those unexpected "oops".
  • New triple bearing supported clutch/clutch bell system to handle .30 to .50 class engines.
  • New Fan/Flywheel assembly (starter pulley) for improved centering on engine crankshaft.
  • Fan is factory drilled to accept magnet for a throttle governor.
  • Main Frame
    • All new Main frame design with integrated, easy to access bearing blocks, integrated cooling shroud, .30 to.50 size engine mounting locations, easy glow plug access, provisions for routing tail servo wires from the back to the heli to the servo tray, and even a handy carburetor fuel "pinch off".
    • New heavy duty, front electronics tray with encapsulated foam lined battery box!! No More Batteries coming loose in pirouettes!!!!!!
    • New Integrated easily accessible switch mount capable of handling all switch sizes.
    • Main Frame is capable of handling standard collective pitch controls or Hirobo's SWM(swash mode) 120 deg. CCPM system.
    • New larger Bearing are used to support the clooective lever system for complete "slop" free smooth control for any flight envelope.
    • A 10mm hollow main shaft is included to handle the stresses of rotor head loads on the main frame. Super strong, super light.
    Drive Train
    • New drive train layout puts engine in front of main shaft for better overall CG balancing and allowing the gear reduction for the tail gearbox to happen at the main gear instead of a pulley arrangement.
    • Accepts a DTDS (Direct Tail Drive System) option conversion set for tail drive authority under all conditions! Great for aerobatic autos.
    • A belt driven tail utilizing a lower friction belt is standard equipment. an optional Torque tube pipe drive will be available separately as well.
    • New larger pulleys allow stronger belt contact under the severest of conditions.
    • All rotating shafts are dual ball bearing supported for smoothness.
    Fuel tank
    • New rear mount location with 4 point suspension in the main frame.
    • New centralized stopper allows dependable clunk line freedom..
    • Now 370 cc, increased 120 cc from the previous Shuttle Tank of 250 cc.
    • Very transparent for easy fuel level checks.


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  Features include:

Battery Box,Foam Lined with switch mount.

10MM Mainshaft accepts Eagle upgrades,has superior strength,inexpensive to replace.

Freya Style Tail, these mechanics work superbly,and also has a boom mounted  tail servo for slop free easy setup and performance.

Engine Mount is simple and allows fast easy access for removal and glow plug access.

All new flybar system with GPH/Freya style paddles.

2 Positions available for Gyro mounting.

Things I have changed:

Tail blades:

   They look good but dont work well,I went to KnS 60 size tailblades to obtain a larger disc,adding superior gyro authority and the ability to handle the torque of the OS50/Muscle pipe combo.The KnS Blades are made of hard plastic,and dont bend flex or "buzz"


I never had cared for a stock exhaust,the stock one works,is loud,does the job,but doesnt offer me the performance I want out of a 50.After having great results with the Musclepipe on the GPH I did the same on the 50.


 The stock Glass blades are OK,but.....the OS 50 runs better when it has a load on it,12mm 600 wide chord V Blades are my choice, and keeps the engine running so smooth you'd swear there was a governor on it. The bigger blades will also alleviate any over speed problems you may have when running a pipe setup.

Fuel Tank:

Yes it could be bigger, but after adding a 2oz Hayes header tank, I'm getting over 10 minutes of hard flying in on Cool Power 30.A couple more minutes would be nice. New tank is available bigger n better.

Plumbing: The way the fuel line gets close to the fan is not good, I made mine longer, am using Aerotrend blue tubing and have not had a problem with it, route it away from the fan.

Bearing blocks:

The machine comes with what's neccessary.Stock works fine.A 3rd bearing block is available for the main shaft,and a additional is available for the tail transmission(not neccessary but nice)

Sceadu Parts Lists and blow ups

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