RC230 Heli Engine

Just got this engine in.Its a Zenoah RC230 Engine,its used for rc cars and when its all set up, with modification, it can pump out almost 6 horsepower.

I'm working with Bruce Hanson on this project and hopefully we'll be able to get it into a Hirobo Gas Eagle, and eliminate the Tanaka TAS 24cc Engine.

From the looks of this engine compared to the TAS,I believe there's going to be some minor modifications made. Hopefully it will just involve swapping some things around, and Ill do my best to keep the site updated as progress is made. Hopefully it wont be too painful!

New RC230 Manual pages are at the bottom,positioning your cursor over each will tell you what it is,good reading and reference to have.


I've been working a crazy schedule and haven't had time to go full swing on this.With the NATS around the corner,I wont be able to tackle this project in depth until the middle of July.Stay tuned I'm almost there.




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