Glow plugs need to be changed every couple gallons of fuel at the least.A old or wore out plug will keep an engine from running at its peak,Enya 3's,OS 8's,KnB 4520's all work good in most engines,use what the manufacturer recommends for starters....AND DONT BE A CHEAPSKATE,A BAD PLUG CAN CAUSE A FLAME OUT. INSTALLING A NEW GLOW PLUG IS CHEAP INSURANCE.

Lets Start it up!

Go thru this procedure after you have properly set up your pitch curves,if your not sure about the pitch curve and its setup get help from an experienced pilot.

The info here is here to give you someplace to start.Make sure all fasteners are tight,muffler is secure,radio is functioning properly,and theres no loose connections in the fuel system.Its best to get a engine running on a muffler before you go to a tuned pipe setup,Tuned pipes can be tricky,but have theyre advantages.Setting up a tuned pipe is a science all to its own,I wont cover that here,meet me at the field for help with pipes.


Mid Range Adjustment


  1. Again with the YS use manufacturers settings.

  2. On a new OS start at 1 and 3/4 turns out from fully closed.

  3. Pick the machine up into a hover,you want to have a steady stream of smoke coming from the exhaust,and a steady headspeed. 

  4. If the Headspeed starts to increase after hovering for a minute,and continues to do so,land the heli and come out on the high needle 2 clicks.Continue to do this until it hovers smoothly,no gurgling sounds,smooth and crisp.

  5. If The Headspeed  just wont come up,and the heli is hard to get off the ground,and its blowing a ton of smoke,it may be too rich,land it and turn the screw in 2 clicks at a time until it flies smooth and crisp.A OS will usually be at 1 and a half to 1 and 5/8'ths out on the high needle,outdoor temperature,elevation,and type of fuel being used all affect a engines performance.

  6. By the time you get into forward flight,youll have a good idea as to how your machine is actually running mixture wise.

  7. Pitch Curves changes will change your headspeed as will carb adjustments,LEAVE THE CURVE ALONE UNTIL YOU GET THE ENGINE RUNNING RIGHT,THEN TWEAK IT.

  8. Fly the machine in fast forward flight,if the machine starts to go lean it will lose power,when you land it it will go rich again(in a good way) richen the high needle 1 or 2 clicks.Its flying lean.

  9. If youre flying in fast forward flight and it goes lean ,and you land it,and it still continues to lose power while hovering,its running hot or overheating.Once a heli starts to overheat it doesnt stop until it quits or seizes.This is why learning to do autos is important hehehe.

If the heli is overheating you may be running too much pitch,have a accumulation of dirt in the fan shroud(rare)or may be running the machine way to lean period.Too much pitch will put a real good load on a engine,as will hovering inverted.Running a heli slightly rich is a good way to keep an engine from overheating.Easy way to overheat an engine? run too much pitch,and run it real lean.

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